Week of 10/09/2022


I forced myself to do some shooting this week. It wasn't much but I definitely did. 
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Autumn Photo Challenge

    I took some time to go out and do some shooting this week. I ended up going to Long Dock Park in Beacon NY. I never realized how crowded this park can be at 9am on a Thursday. Seriously why were there so many people out in the middle of the week. Beacon isn't what it used to be...I got some shots and was planning on putting my drone up in the air, but realized that they put up a sign saying no drones (which sucks). Guess i gotta find another spot or, get creative / take creative liberties.... 

    I also did another shoot for DJ D-Tour at Quinns in Beacon NY for his 1 year residency. It was dope / fun. I'm just mad that its basically just one setting which can get old really fast. It doesn't really help that its dark in there so the lighting situation sucks. Everything is low light photography. I'll share some of those shot when I get done editing. 



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