March Update!

It’s March!!! It’s also the month of Lent. Time to give up being lazy and being unproductive. 
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What up guys, It’s been a min. Been working hard on improving myself as well as getting more focused on being productive. 

Goals for March
  • Release a new Track and / or EP. - I was trying to release a cover of the “Green Hill Zone” from the Sonic the hedgehog game but never got around to recording it. Will do that with in the next 2 weeks. I also wanted to release the Track “Casino Night” which was from Sonic 2. Might as well release a Sega or Sonic The Hedgehog based EP lol. 
  • Photography - I’m trying to be more active with photography though that has been tough due to busy work schedule. Product / Product Placement may be my focus this month. 
  • YouTube - I currently have 4 YouTube channels but, haven’t been giving any of them attention lately. Will try to change that this month as well. 
  • The Review Pre (TRP) - While lately I have lost interest in a lot of things tech I feel its time to get back into it. I plan slightly rebrand in a way that will appeal to more non-techy people. Basically Life-Hacks but for less annoying people. 
  • Video Games - Like my interest in Technology, I haven’t gamed much lately... Live has really gotten in the way. Also it doesn’t help that there has been a drop in innovation and / or “AAA” titles. I think I’m gonna force myself to play different games now just to take a break from life here and there. 
  • Social Media - Yeah I always struggled to gain a decent following on Twitter and Instagram. Gonna try to change this buy setting weekly goals... 

About the Air Jordan 13 Pics 
This is the before pic. I was actually gonna toss them, but my fandom of this particular pair made it hard. I decided to see if i can at least partially restore them so i can at least ball in them. End result is that they came back to life and I will be lacing them up this spring. 


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