I'm back!!!!


Fall is coming... 

What I have been up to...
Honestly it been nice taking a hiatus from everything, especially during the covid19 pandemic. A lot has happened and I'm trying to focus my interests. I'm still into Photography and Cinematography, as well as playing and studying music. I also picked up gaming again, mainly Super Smash Bros. and MOBAs like League of Legends and Pokemon Unite (You know the stressful games where you can blame everyone else when you lose lol). 
I also picked up working out more, The Wolf Conservation Center of New York had a lot to do with that. Every year they hold a virtual marathon where participants run, walk, or jog 100 miles to raise awareness. It a fun even that allows me to focus on cardio and get outside during the hottest month of the year in NY (August). This year I finished 26th out of 749 (Not bad being that I couldn't do anything for 8 days because i had covid).

Working on now...
  • Building a following on Vero - Vero is a Social Media platform that focuses on being what Instagram abandoned. I'll make a separate post about it... Join VERO  and Follow Me!!! @LEESUMD32
  • I'm working on a new album, which will consist of video game ballads. should be interesting. 
  • Trying to build photography clientele if you need a photoshoot message me. 
  • Updating this website..

I'm looking forward to posting more in the future, Until I get around to posting regularly feel free to follow me on social media platforms. 


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